There are a number of ways we encourage involvement in Life Groups and Small Groups and these groups take a number of forms.

We have Life Groups that meet in area towns in homes. People meet for mutual support, encouragement in the Word, prayer, and ministry on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Experiencing life together in a smaller community has been a true life saver for individuals and families. One’s spiritual journey in Christ goes further and deeper when a life is entrusted both to God and to others in such groups.

Another form of Small Group are Couples and Marriage Groups that meet to support one another in their relationships.

There are Small Groups of men and groups of women that meet together regularly for Bible Study. There is a Men’s Study weekly with the Pastor and a couple of in depth weekly Women’s Bible Studies.

Smaller Groups of individuals meet for breakfast and fellowship on a weekly basis too.

The whole idea is to be involved in at least one type of group regularly so we all might grow in the Word and in relationship with others for significant spiritual formation over time.