When and where are your 2 Sunday services?

  • Please Note: As of 4/11/21 we are meeting outdoors at 11:00 am and also live streaming. The following information is our normal schedule September to June.
  • The 1st service is at 8:30 am at our church, 17 Carver Road, West Wareham.
  • The 2nd service is at 11:15 am at our church, 17 Carver Road, West Wareham.
  • These services are from the 2nd Sunday of September to the 2nd Sunday of June.
  • Please see Question #3 for information on our Outdoor Church.

What should I expect when I come to a Church in the Pines service at the Church?

  • When you arrive you will be greeted at one of the doors by some one who can answer your questions. The worship service is upstairs and each service is simulcast into the Fellowship Hall.
  • Just before the message kids in kindergarten through 4th grade may leave and go to the Portable Building for “Junior Church,” a program designed for them. Kids can also stay with parents for the message.
  • The services last 80 minutes and they are the same. Dress is casual for our services.
  • There is a nursery downstairs and from September to June there is also a Bible School program for all ages including teens and adults.
  • A coffee time takes place between the first service and Bible School. Coffee is also available during the services in the Fellowship Hall for those who worship there.

What are the details on Outdoor Church and are you following the COVID-19 Guidelines (yes, see below)?

  • Please note: Outdoor Church has begun to meet again in the Spring of 2021.
  • The location is 30 East Street, Middleboro.
  • The outdoor service is at 11:00 am during the Spring and runs about 80 minutes.
  • Bring a comfortable chair. There are also benches and picnic tables to sit on.
  • There is shade under the trees and under the canopy.
  • We ask everyone to wear a mask and observe proper social distancing.
  • We use an offering box rather than receive an offering.
  • When we have communion we use individually pre-packaged communion elements rather than passing out the elements.
  • We have hand sanitizer available and an extra wash area near the portable restrooms.
  • We are not providing childcare or Junior Church during the summer. Families can sit together around a picnic table during the service so children have more space.
  • We have a special area where you can park and listen, rather than leave your car.
  • If because of rain Outdoor Church is cancelled the service will be live streamed only. There will not be a physical service at the church. The announcement is made early Sunday morning via this website, CIP email, and texts.

What kind of church is Church in the Pines?

  • Church in the Pines is a Bible-Centered church which means we base our teaching and lives on the Bible. The messages each week are from the Scriptures with practical application to our lives. We are an evangelical church and so we encourage people to depend on the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • CIP is also a non-denominational church with people from different church and non-church backgrounds. 

Why is the church called Church in the Pines?

  • This was our nickname for many years until it was officially changed to Church in the Pines years ago. The church is among the pines of West Wareham in a beautiful setting.
  • Our New Property is also full of pine trees! 

Can anyone attend services at Church in the Pines?

  • Yes, anyone can attend. You are welcome here!
  • Numbers of people have found Church in the Pines to be a place of healing and rest.